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Thank you all for celebrating with me last week during my Shopiversary! I was so honored to hear from so many of you, and will be reading through all 230 of your comments and suggestions for 2015. :)

On The Receiving End Of A Perfect Cup of Coffee {Maxwell House International Review and $100 Visa Card Giveaway}

One of my sons makes me a cup of coffee every morning. I'm sure part of the dedication to doctoring the perfect cup of coffee for me each day has to do with the intrigue of grown-up activities like running the Keurig, and stirring in the creamer. I only drink one cup each morning, and he gets to make it. Sometimes kids just want to find their own special way to bless their mamas. In a family of 8, it may be difficult to find your own special niche; Some kids draw pictures, some write notes, and some faithfully bring a perfectly doctored cup of coffee to you each morning.

I Heart Moroccan Argan Oil + $1,000 Visa Card Giveaway from Suave Professionals®

I have a friend who's in the know about the good stuff in beauty and haircare products. She mentioned Moroccan oil at one point, and I simply dismissed it, thinking an exclusive ingredient like argan oil from Morocco would be out of my reach. And then I saw it at the store, in the aisle of Suave® products. I texted a picture to her, proud of my find.

Blessing, Not Stressing

Sometimes we need to just reset, and remember that giving gifts during the Christmas season is for the purpose of blessing. It's not to impress, it's not out of obligation, and it's certainly not to add stress to an already busy schedule. I re-learn this lesson yearly. I'm over at The Better Mom today with some practical tips on how to make holiday shopping about blessing...and not stressing.

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