6 Year Blogiversary at GraceLaced + Mega Giveaway!

6 Year Blogiversary at GraceLaced + Mega Giveaway!


Six years ago I hit "publish," and never looked back. Well...actually, I did, on several occasions, wonder if blogging was worth it, if I could stick with it, and if I could be content to be myself in this world of comparisons. In the last six years, I have gone from writing to a few readers to sharing with more than I could have imagined. I have much to be thankful for, and much to celebrate!

6 Lessons I've Learned In 6 Years of Blogging...

6) It's never too late to learn something new, whether it's html, photography, design, or writing, itself.

5) Making meaningful friendships online is more significant than being connected to EVERYONE.

4) Focus on excellence if you want your voice to last. Good work speaks for itself.

3) Purpose is more important than popularity.

2) Pushing through discouragement with consistency proves it to yourself that you own your blog; it doesn't own you.

1) There is nothing to blog about if you are not living, reading, thinking, and pursuing. Blogging is the response, not the answer.

Thank you, to all of you sweet and gracious readers.

You've been around for 3 baby arrivals, the building and releasing of a dear church plant, the starting and persevering in the founding of a school. You've joined us as we've planted gardens, thrown parties, and torn down walls.

You've grown with me as Titus 2 women, and in believing in our identities as a beloved children of God.

You've toured my house and lingered in my kitchen. You've gotten excited about delicious recipes and preserving the family table.

We've worked through how to embrace motherhood while parenting in weakness; how to grow in spiritual discipline while letting discipline be motivated by love.

For the friendships and for joining me here day after day, year after year...I am truly grateful. I am so thankful that you encourage me in my writing and support this blog through sponsorships and purchasing through my Amazon link. I know you have many blogs to choose from and many you can support. I'm so blessed you've chosen mine as one of them.

I really am honored to tell the story of how God's grace and our everyday intersect in the messiest and loveliest of ways, right here at GraceLaced.

To God be the glory.

And, now...

I am so excited to celebrate this blogiversary with the help of 6 of my favorite blogging buddies and shop owners! These women are bloggers and shop owners that I admire, love, and am blessed to call sisters in the Lord, and like-hearted friends. I'm so blessed to have them celebrate with me!

There are 6 fabulous prizes (valued at a total of $400!!!!) included in this ONE FAB GIVEAWAY! Let's get this party started...

1) A SnapShop Workshop course...from Ashley Ann of Under The Sycamore:

SnapShop Workshop

2) A "Grow Roots, Sprout Wings" necklace...by Lisa Leonard Designs:


3) A $50 Gift Certificate to Gussy Sews Shop:

Gussy Sews

4) A "Not All Who Wander" 8x10 Chalk Art Print...from Recipe For Crazy Shop:


5) 3 lovely jewelry pieces: Aqua Vintage Inspired Leverback Earrings, Aztec Arrowhead with Pale Green and Olivine Czech Glass 26" necklace, Handpainted Wooden Chevron necklace on 18" chain...from Happy Days by WifeySinger:


6) A $30 Gift Certificate to Grace For Grace Shop:

Grace For Grace

a Rafflecopter giveaway //d12vno17mo87cx.cloudfront.net/embed/rafl/cptr.js

Have fun and thank you for celebrating with me!!

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