Our Story

At the heart and helm of GraceLaced Co. is its founder, author and artist Ruth Chou Simons, who began the company from her kitchen table in 2013, after starting a blog in 2007 by the same name. Ruth’s desire was to “find grace in the everyday,” exploring the truth of God’s grace applied to the mundane of everyday life. With a background in painting, Ruth began offering reproductions of her artwork that paired with the biblical insights she shared with her online community. GraceLaced Co. soon became a beloved source across the globe for products and resources that combined beauty with truth.

Today, the creative company is powered by its small but mighty female team, and co-owned with Ruth’s husband Troy Simons, who serves as COO of GraceLaced. Ruth’s hand-painted artwork and Biblical teaching continue at the heart of the brand and company, which now headquarters in Western Colorado, home to Ruth, Troy, and their six sons.