Albion Fit Review and Giveaway

Mr. Simons and I are in Cabo San Lucas for a short getaway anniversary trip...our very first one away without the kids that is not conference-related! The time so far has been restful and adventurous. We're not here to do lots of touristy things. We're not here to forget all our troubles in luxury. We're simply here to celebrate and spend some time alone in a context that is conducive to resting, planning, writing, and taking in the world a day (+ 17 years) at a time. 

We caught the sun setting over the beach the other night. The waves were crashing and in the presence of the most astounding beauty of God's creation, I really couldn't help but take it in.

I've struggled my whole life with feeling confident in a swimsuit...but somehow, when our attention is so drawn His creation, it feels difficult to complain or be self-conscious in the one He formed in YOU. 

Albion Fit sent me my favorite of their irresistible suimsuits to take on my anniversary trip. This is my first suit of theirs, and could not be more impressed with the quality, design, and stylish print combinations. A lovely swimsuit is hard to find, and I'm grateful to have one I love on this trip. Albion is offering a discount and a GIVEAWAY FOR TWO SUITS over on my Instagram feed! Go check it out! 

15% off to GraceLaced readers, good through August 10.

Use code: gracelaced15

Enjoy! Don't forget to enter the giveaway, and follow bits of this trip over on Instagram!

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