Fab 40 Giveaway Week

Giving gifts away for my birthday this week has been too much fun. I'm so grateful to partner with several of the most inspiring and beautiful businesses I know to bring a fun week of giveaways, along with $40 store credit to GraceLaced Shoppe with each one. You can enter through Sunday evening on Instagram, so I want to introduce these shops to you!


When a woman is empowered with work to do, she not only experiences the joy of developing a skill, she also impacts her family and community. FASHIONABLE's role is working with women, both locally and globally, who have overcome challenges ranging from prostitution to addiction to a lack of opportunity. Every one of us understands what it means to overcome, and we are all ABLE to find purpose in the work we do.

Live FashionAble is giving away their amazing Mamuye Bag in Cognac! Enter here.

Rebekah Gough Jewelry

Rebekah Gough Jewelry is sentimental with a touch of modern minimalism. Rebekah puts her heart into everything she creates and longs for the wearer to not only feel beautiful but connected to the meaning and symbolism behind each piece. Wether it's the Mama Bear necklace, birthstones of loved ones or a tiny arrowhead collar your heart is most definitely worn around your neck. Don't lose your grip on Love and Loyalty. Tie them around your neck; carve their initials on your heart -proverbs 3:3

Rebekah Gough Jewelry is giving away a 14K gold plated Mama Bear Necklace! Enter here.

Love 41

Love 41 was founded by Suzette Munson with the desire to make a difference in the lives of the needy in Rwanda after witnessing the harrowing affects left by the Genocide.  Based on Psalm 41, Love 41's desire is to care for orphans, widows and street kids and 100% of our profits are given to that effort via Africa New Life Ministries (ANLM). ANLM is a ECFA certified charity that was founded by Rwandans for Rwandans & is working to break the cycle of poverty through education, the gospel & acts of compassion. 

Love 41 is giving away $150 credit to their store! Enter here.

Evys Tree

Evy's Tree: Everyday Luxury, Everyday Life... Evy's Tree pursues to make high end hoodies that make every woman feel amazing. 

Evy's Tree is giving away one "Scout" hoodie! Enter here.

Lily Jade

Stumped by a lack of stylish and functional options, Meggan Wood sketched her vision for diaper bag bliss. The result?  Genius. Meggan created a line of beautifully crafted, luxurious leather bags, and included a 14 pocket, machine-washable organizer in every single one. 

Lily Jade is giving away their "Meggan" Bag in Black! Enter here.

Christina Nicole

Our pieces are designed, crafted, and shipped from our home studio in the North Carolina countryside. Created to be functional, beautiful, comfortable, and cohesive, we utilize traditional metalsmithing techniques with a modern approach to aesthetics. Each piece is hand-crafted, showing evidence of the process that refined and shaped it. We strive to be accountable for the materials we use, from recycled metals, to ethically mined stones, to biodegradable packaging. 

Christina Nicole is giving away an ASCEND Hair Comb! (NOTE: Remember, every stone's unique and individual so the stones are NOT the same. But the overall aesthetic is maintained in the selection of stone) Post to enter giveaway will be available Saturday evening on Instagram.


Thank you for celebrating with me!

All winners of the giveaways and the $40 store credits to GraceLaced Shoppe will be announced in individual posts on Instagram, Sunday night, October 11!

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