Thank God For You Printable

It Takes Time {Drawing Close, Day 30}

He Calls Us By Name {Drawing Close, Day 29}

The Water To My Color {Drawing Close, Day 22}

Flowery Beds Of Ease {Drawing Close, Day 18}

Dear Soul {Drawing Close, Day 17}

Tulips for Morocco + When You're Blessed To Be A Blessing {Drawing Close, Day 15}

The Mercy of Layers {Drawing Close, Day 14}

Rest In Him {Drawing Close, Day 13}

Underpinnings {Drawing Close, Day 12}

Beginnings {Drawing Close, Day 11}

In Process, In Progress {Drawing Close, Day 10}

Real (Uncomfortable) Hospitality {Drawing Close, Day 9}

Capturing Life In Motion {Drawing Close, Day 8 }

Bearing Fruit {Drawing Close, Day 7}

Keep Moving Forward {Drawing Close, Day 6}

A World Where There Are Octobers {Drawing Close, Day 5}

Be Strong and Courageous {Drawing Close, Day 4}

Parts of a Whole {Drawing Close, Day 3}

A Portrait {Drawing Close, Day 2}

Drawing Close {31 Days of sketching and noting grace through drawing.}

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {Maiden Voyage Part 2}

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Maiden Voyage Part 1

A New Chalkboard Reminder + Free Printable + Chalk Review

Working The Denim Vest Trend

Why Motherhood Is A Job Worth Styling Your Hair For

The "Fire" Room Spa Room Painting and Design Reveal

DIY Chalkboard Notecards

Talking Bangs and Newborn-Ready Hairstyling

The "Water" Spa Room Painting and Design Reveal

Mural, Painting, and Spa Room Design Reveal

Birthday Boy Tea Party

Gratitude and Murmuring + Free Printables

The Painting Process: Sunny Sunflower

Vintage Soda Bottles Become Vases

Mason Jar Chandelier For The Arbor


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