Simons Elk Creek Ranch: Our Move to Colorado

Simons Elk Creek Ranch: Our Move to Colorado

If we had a few hours (and you were willing to listen) I’d regale you with tales of how our family of 8 + home business (GraceLaced Shoppe) with 8 GraceLaced team staff members have grown up in very tight quarters and difficult circumstances in the last few years.

I’d tell you of unexpected personal victories and blindsiding losses. If we were having coffee today, I might even share a little about how we came to own this amazing (fixer upper) property: Simons Elk Creek Ranch in this special-to-us part of western Colorado.

I might cry a few tears (of joy and some of sadness) as we talk and I would likely stress-eat some chips and salsa as I recount the ways we’ve not felt “at home” in some seasons and how we now see God’s faithfulness in providing our family a beautiful new beginning in a new chapter of our lives.

And finally, if you were still with me, I’d tell you this part of my story that I always testify: you don't have to be blooming to be growing. In the same way that a fresh coat of paint, renovation, and a little vision can turn a forgotten house into a cherished home, seasons that feel wasted are given purpose and redemption through God’s faithfulness. 

Don’t discredit what looks uncomfortable, inconvenient, and maybe a little scary. Restoration plus redemption is His specialty: Instead of fresh paint, Jesus tears down and builds back up. All for the love of true transformation.

So, whether you’re taking baby steps of faith or big trust falls, He’s ultimately after your heart and mine.

What I’m learning in my current move to Colorado season is that all this coming and going, hellos and goodbyes, moving and building, stretching and growing —these are but context for the real work at hand: To put our trust in the Master Builder. 

This post originally appeared on Instagram on February 28, 2018

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