Yard-crashing At Home

Yard-crashing At Home

Back when we were so sick the week before the arrival of Baby boy 5, our family devoured several episodes of DIY's Card Crashers curled up doubled over on the couch. We'd never seen any episodes prior, so our fertile minds were quite inspired and receptive to the idea of a backyard remodel for ourselves. Let me just say: there is nothing quite like a backyard overhaul in 100+ degree, smoke-filled weather, with 4 boys, one newborn, and a newborn puppy. That's what summers are for, right? :) We made it, however, and I'm excited to show you the fruits of our labor:

The deck my dad built while he was visiting gave great incentive to finish off the rest of our yard.

Our other Grandpa built the arbor on the other end of the yard many years ago. We are sandwiched with the handiwork of two loving fathers.

We've been making it our goal to use every inch of space we've got, inside and out. Function, design, and budget are always in balance when we set out to create new spaces. We scored a solid hammered copper fire pit at Costco, on sale for $99! We made the path curved to accomodate seating, and filled the flowerbeds with perennial shrubs (which we got on 1/2 off sale at Home Depot for $5 a plant).

The Preacher reshaped our grass area, and moved the sprinklers. Moved the sprinklers sounds unfitting for the amount of digging and labor that went into this part of the backyard redo. I love this man.

I wanted an affordable way to add color to our back wall, the focal point of the yard when walking out the back door. The Preacher suggested that I make wall art of some kind. Though I would have loved to do something with succulents, I knew my budget limitations would not afford the grandeur of what I was envisioning. Instead, I picked up a sheet of 1/2" hardibacker, painted a giant succulent with spray paint and acrylics, and sprayed a clear varnish on top. The best part? It cost me $12 and 1.5 hours.

There are so many favorite spots in my backyard. This is one of them:

And, this is currently the kids':

As long as there's good conversation, lots of laughter, and everyone you love close by...

...any space is a favorite place.





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