Creating New Spaces {A Library}

A study. A reading room. A parlor. A music room.

Just don't call it an office. please.

That's what I had in mind when I convinced The Preacher to turn our formal dining room into a new space for music, reading, and writing, now that our long dining table has been relocated. The formal dining room, now Library, is the first room you walk into when entering our house. It used to look like this:

Since this room is also a high traffic thoroughfare, I knew I wanted something inviting, something 18th century libraries...something that says: We gather around books and music for entertainment. And while a workspace for The Preacher's two office-at-home jobs was at hand, function need not be unsightly.

We moved his two bookshelves that used to be in our bedroom downstairs:

We then purchased two matching desks from Costco with "desk fund money" (Thank you, Mom!), and placed the desks together facing each other. Because we both love the view.

The desks have glass inserts. Mine has fabric and a to-do list underneath; his showcases an important little document:

We changed out the dining light for this:

The area around my desk is adorned with some of my favorite images from around the house:

His is surrounded by some of his best friends:

And just as I hoped, we now gather 'round more for after-dinner entertainment:

Though skeptical at first, The Preacher pronounced that this change is "definitely us."

And us is good, because with the size of family we have + the size of house we own + the many roles our home serves...every inch of space counts, and creating a new space, we have found...must be one for all, and all for one.

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