What We Sow is How We'll Grow

What We Sow is How We'll Grow

What we sow is how we’ll grow. That’s what Troy and I talk about with our boys on a regular basis. We remind them (and ourselves) that we can’t become more loveable to God by logging more memorized verses, nor ensure trial- or pain-free days by being in the Word regularly. But, we CAN find Jesus more lovely and find freedom amidst our trials.

And also this: You can’t grow where you haven’t sownNo true believer will be satiated apart from the Word of God and His presence, just like no living person will continually lack desire for food.

So once again, on what may feel like a slow-moving, back-to-the-grind morning, we're all invited to JOIN THE FEAST. Our boys trickling downstairs one by one encourages me and reminds me that we all need to eat.

We can’t share a meal we're not partaking in ourselves, so let's preach the truth to our own hearts today. Let's stop chasing perfect routines or feats of self-discipline, or the appearance of holiness in our kids and look to this new day as an opportunity to just start somewhere and taste and see that the Lord is good AGAIN, right now. I think we'll be overwhelmed by how He meets us.

 Because of grace,


This post first appeared on Instagram on May 29, 2018.


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