Preparing For A Potager

Preparing For A Potager

Last year, my eye was on creating a lovely backyard to entertain in. This year, I'm thinking almost entirely about feeding my family. I've read about urban homesteading, and the amazing things that folks can grow on a 1/4 acre, and even from a balcony. So, we bit the bullet, and moved all our planter boxes to the center of the yard, in anticipation of creating a potager as the focal point of our suburban backyard.

My dear blogging friend, Annalea Hart has a wonderful potager in her backyard, and has served to inspire our little venture, as have these other ideas off my Pinterest board:

{photo by Annalea Hart via Beautifully Rooted}

{Michael Devine’s garden, photo from Country Living}

{photo by Samuel H. Williamson Associates via Pinterest}

{photo by The Brickman Group, Ltd. via Pinterest}

Currently growing:

red Cabbage kale spinach beets swiss chard heirloom tomatoes butternut squash acorn squash spaghetti squash cucumbers artichoke japanese eggplant brussels sprouts herbs

That's all. :)

 What are you growing this year?
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