Celebrating 15 Years of the GraceLaced Blog

Celebrating 15 Years of the GraceLaced Blog

Today marks 15 years since the day I published my first blog post on GraceLaced Blog. What an incredible, unexpected journey it’s been. From a season where I chose to write after my babies were in bed, to a season now where my books reach readers in the aisles of Target…God’s faithfulness has been more than I could have asked or imagined. 


15 years ago…

…I wondered if my gifts and talents could really serve God

…I was overwhelmed in early married and motherhood life

…I longed to see God’s grace, woven and laced through my mundane, everyday life

…I wrestled with limitations —I didn’t get to pursue all my dreams the way I wanted

…I didn’t write to be known; I wrote to know and understand more fully

…I had passion, but I did not yet have practice


So, here I am 15 years, to the day, from this first post, and I can’t help but thank God for not fast-tracking me to fulfilled dreams. Thank God for the nights I awkwardly tapped away at the keyboard, longing to make sense of this chaotic life, and found comfort ultimately in His Word. Thank God for the tediousness of practice —of the roughly 16,425 hours of honing the craft of writing (that’s, on average, 3 hours each day for the last 15 years!) 

God writes a different story for each of us; no two journeys are alike. But I can’t help but imagine that if you’ve joined me here for one post, or every one since day one, you too need the encouragement I’ve been discovering all along: You don’t have to be blooming to be growing.

Celebrating and looking back on 15 years of GraceLaced Blog is a testament to this very reminder. He’s at work. It’s doesn’t depend all on you. Be faithful, right where you are.

Thank you for joining me here at GraceLaced, the Podcast, on social media, and through GraceLaced channels on FB & IG. May these offerings continue to encourage and deepen the ways you find GRACE in the everyday.


Because of grace,

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