Milestone: 500th Blog Post!

I'm celebrating my 500th blog post to GraceLaced today! I am so thankful to have this little place to share thoughts and snippets of inspiration. To celebrate, there will be a guest blogger every day this week-- looking back, and posting about their favorite GraceLaced posts. Be sure to check in daily to revisit some favorite past posts, and to meet some special ladies in the GraceLaced community.

And what celebration would be complete without a giveaway, just as a warm THANK YOU for making GraceLaced a part of your life!

Drumroll please...Here it is:


Prize: One 12"x12" signed, custom acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas, based on the winner's request or photo. (You can see my work here, here, here, and here.)

Contest ends Saturday, January 8, 10pm.

One entry per person, winner selected at random.

To enter: Leave a comment on this blog entry (by clicking on the little yellow dialogue bubble under the post title) telling me of your favorite past GraceLaced post.

Won't this be fun?!? Thanks, again, for reading GraceLaced. I leave you with some milestone tidbits:

First Blog Post July 14, 2007: "Pretty Book Issues"

First Comment by my dear friend Joni Nichols:

Why I Started A Blog We had just experienced a computer crash with no back ups, losing all the digital files of Number 2's baby pictures. I was eager to observe, record, express, and connect. I didn't want any more moments or thoughts to just fade away or get lost in unbacked files.

Post I Am Most Proud Of I think 10 Things To Remember When Your Child Is Disobedient has been the only post I've ever written that's made it around the internet and reposted on many well-known sites. For that, and the impact it's had, I'm very thankful. It was a post written in less than 5 minutes as a response to my own frustrations in parenting. I'm so blessed to know it has encouraged others.

My Favorite Thing About Blogging That I've trained myself to look at my life, my family, my ministry, and my thoughts, through a more discerning lens...and to evaluate the mundane of everyday life in the light of God's grace and goodness displayed.

My Least Favorite Thing About Blogging I've chosen to blog as a discipline. I've chosen to make it a part of my weekly routine...which can be difficult at times. There are times that I blog even when I don't feel like it, times when I blog when there's nothing seemingly wonderful about my life (or my outlook), and times when I blog just to preach to my own heart. Blogging can be work, whose rewards are not immediate or always palpable.

Future Plans for GraceLaced Serving my family and ministering to others will always be my priority. However, the opportunity to encourage and inspire through the accessibility of this blog captures my imagine for what may become of this little site. I prayerfully consider growing the blog in ways that will broaden it's influence, and make the greatest use of the medium. Feedback (and emails with ideas) are always welcome!

Thanks for celebrating 500 with me!

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