A Chess Table for the Library

A Chess Table for the Library

You may recall that I turned our dining room into a library It's had all the elements of a classic library or family parlor: instruments, lots of books, writing desks, artwork and photography. The only thing missing has been the game of chess, the game for the mind and for a quiet afternoon. Oh, how I love feeling on the edge of Victorian. :)

The Preacher visited Zimbabwe years ago, and brought home with him a set of hand-carved chess pieces resembling African animals.

I've always dreamed of owning a beautiful, antique chess table to showcase his precious keepsake, but such a piece of furniture has never made it very high on prioritized expenditures.

So, when the boys began learning chess with plastic pieces on cardboard, and found that they truly enjoyed the game, it became evident we needed a home for those African chess pieces in our library.

With an old set of table and chairs for the kids, some masking tape, and craft paint, the boys and I created a little game nook for the kids in the family library.

Now, we can all relax and enjoy this room together: 1 on the piano, 2 at their desks, 1 in a bouncy seat, 2 at the chess table...and 1 jumping off the stairs.


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