Meet The Team



story-teller, painter, vision-caster

Ruth is the CEO, founder, and creative director of GraceLaced.
She creates, produces, and directs the brand, message, and vision of GraceLaced.


discipler, optimist, behind-the-scenes-life-saver

Troy is co-owner and COO (though Ruth calls him the "chief encouragement officer") of GraceLaced.
He oversees employees, finances, and supports all operations while shepherding the heart of GraceLaced.


problem-solver, encourager, coffee-lover

Eve is the executive assistant to Ruth at
She is the first point of contact for all things related to GraceLaced online and Ruth's writing and speaking ministry. In addition, Eve is a creative, lending her strengths to assisting with social media, blog, and content creation at GraceLaced.


color lover, designer, problem-solver, ice cream maker, cheerleader

Gina manages the GraceLaced shoppe, overseeing all orders, inventory and customer service.
She also takes care of marketing and advertising, and assists Ruth in new product development. 


adventurer, Jeep-er, discipler, idea-slinger

Shanelle is a studio + shipping manager, photography assistant, and keeps order behind-the-scenes at the Colorado headquarters of GraceLaced Shoppe.


traveler, fun-finder, style-maker, digital-lifesaver

Sarah is GraceLaced's graphic designer who works closely with Ruth to develop creative concepts, layout, and finished product designs across GraceLaced Shoppe and media.  


journalist, adventure-junkie, minimalist, process-lover

Caleb is a shoppe and shipping assistant, resident tech guru, and studio DJ.

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