The GraceLaced Podcast with Ruth Chou Simons

Let’s discover, together, how God’s grace intersects our everyday lives. GraceLaced Co. has always been about helping you turn your gaze to beauty and truth, and this podcast has the same goal through conversations designed to tune our hearts to God’s transforming grace. Join GraceLaced founder, Ruth Chou Simons, and her co-host Eve Stipes (with special appearances from GraceLaced Team!) in this weekly podcast, as they discover grace, laced in the everyday, and think about cultivating growth in every season. 


Meet Your Coffee Dates

Hey friend, I’m Ruth. I’m so glad you’ve landed here—let’s be friends! If I’m not with my family, painting, writing a book, speaking somewhere or running GraceLaced Co., I’m probably recording an episode of this podcast. 😉  

I love theology and conversations over coffee about how God’s grace applies to everyday life. So, let’s pretend we’re sitting at my kitchen table… grab a cup for yourself and pull out your headphones!


Hi, I’m Eve! Most days, you’ll find me chasing after three littles and a standard poodle or working the best job I’ve ever had… which just so happens to include co-hosting this podcast!

I love God’s Word and talking about how it applies to my real life—even when real life is cleaning up messes and training children. If you’re in the trenches, too, just listen in while you’re doing dishes or picking up toys.




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Podcast Show Notes

Season 1 | Simons Says
Season 2 | Everyday Habits for Spiritual Growth
Season 3 | Start Where You Are
Season 4 | Preach To Yourself: When You Feel Unmotivated
Bonus Episodes

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