Questions For Ruth

Can you share about how you're able to operate a successful business, yet provide what seems like a rich childhood for your kids?

There are seasons for all things and we are works in progress who continually have to reorganize our priorities. The practical answer is that we have grown to hire a team so that we can be very much invest in our kids. However, owning your own business certainly requires seasons of intense commitment and time, and requires much discernment and prayer each step of the way.

Is there any advice you can give to someone looking to get their art (similar to that found in the GraceLaced shoppe) published in multiple mediums?

Some simple information that we share with other aspiring artists: to make reproductions, artwork is always scanned first, so find a good scanner for purchase or take to a local office supply store that provides quality scans. Sometimes you can make reproductions directly, but usually editing will need to be done to remove parts of artwork that don't print well. There are professionals who service artists or if you or a graphic designer is able to edit, do so to your standards. Our printing at GraceLaced is done through a local NM Fine Art printer for our giclees and a local digital printing company for our other prints. We encourage you to find someone who will work with you on color and quantity.

What brand of watercolors do you use?

  • Daniel Smith
  • Winsor & Newton Professional
  • Winsor & Newton Cotman
  • Sennelier

What brand of paint brushes do you use?

  • Winsor and Newton
  • Princeton brush

What are some brands of paper that you use?

  • Canson Paper
  • Arches¬†