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GraceLaced Quarterly is an expanded guided journal containing a collection of articles, Scripture, inspiration, and reflective prompts interspersed with the beautiful GraceLaced art you know and love. Designed to help engage with core truths as you intentionally journey through the Christian life, it will be a keepsake to help you see the faithfulness of God season by season.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this available for international customers?

Absolutely yes!* Please keep in mind that international shipping charges do not include any customs or import fees, and if an international copy of GraceLaced Quarterly is lost in transit or arrives damaged we unfortunately will not be able to send a replacement.


When will I receive each issue?

Issues of GraceLaced Quarterly will be sent out... quarterly! Domestic customers can expect to receive their issues within the first 10 days of the following months:

May 2021
August 2021
November 2021
February 2022


How can I purchase a single copy rather than a subscription?

Single issues of GraceLaced Quarterly will be released for retail purchase starting the week of May 3 and will be available only while supplies last.


What does "expanded guided journal" mean?

While GraceLaced Quarterly contains articles and inspirational content, two-thirds of this offering is comprised of Bible verses, quotes and hymns, and thematic prompts and questions. The journaling section is organized into 12 weeks, intended to walk you through the seasons of life one week at a time.


I'm purchasing this as a gift - is there any way I can let the recipient know about the exciting gift I have purchased for them?

Definitely! GraceLaced Quarterly subscriptions will make a great gift (especially since the first issue will arrive just in time for Mother's Day). If you intend to gift it before it will arrive, you can print off this pdf card to let the recipient know that something special is coming their way.


Where else can I purchase a copy of GraceLaced Quarterly?

GraceLaced Quarterly is available exclusively in GraceLaced Shoppe.


What is the weight of the paper? What type of writing instruments can I use?

The interior pages are 80# uncoated text. We recommend using ballpoint pens, highlighters, and colored pencils on the interior pages.


Will there be instructions on how to paint watercolors and hand-letter like Ruth?

The inspiring content you'll find in GraceLaced Quarterly will include styling sections with fresh florals, fashion finds, and maybe even some creative tips from Ruth!


Can I get a digital copy?

GraceLaced Quarterly is only available as a printed publication.

*Please note that due to Brexit regulations we are currently unable to ship to the United Kingdom.