Caring For Your Cuff

Thank you for your purchase of one of our brass cuffs, hand-made in the USA and created exclusively for GraceLaced by Lovishly.

Our cuffs are made of brass, and thus oxidation will occur as it comes into contact with various elements (including the natural oils on your skin). Metal polishes and cleaners (such as Brasso, Barkeeper's Friend, and Copper Cream) can help to keep your cuff looking like new (though please test in an inconspicuous area before applying to your entire cuff). Additionally, give your cuff a little polishing from time to time with a polishing cloth to keep it gleaming. 

To clean, apply the polish or cleaner to your cuff, rinse with warm water and then dry your cuff!
Apply your cleaner of choice to your cuff.
Here we are using Wright's Copper Cream and Barkeeper's Best Friend.
 Then, simply rinse your cuff with warm water!

Keeping your cuff away from tarnishing elements such as paper, cloth, and rubber bands will help to keep it in good condition. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners on your jewelry and always remember to remove your jewelry when sleeping or participating in activities that may damage your jewelry.

Another pro tip: if your skin reacts to 100% brass you can paint clear nail polish on the inside of your cuff and it will not react with your skin nor will it change the color of your cuff (again, please test in an inconspicuous area before applying fully).