Everything Worthwhile Costs Something

Everything Worthwhile Costs Something

Balance is often a myth and calling without consequence, a fantasy. I’ve only been alive 42 years, but I’m finding this true more and more:

Everything worthwhile costs something; we’re deceived if we think we can invest our lives in people, mission, mastery, or things that truly matter without discomfort, sacrifice, or re-organized priorities.

For some of us, that cost may be laying down expectations, deferring desires, setting aside comfort, or running alone. For others, it’s kicking self-pity to the curb, and believing that the God of the universe loves and forgives us. (It’s more costly than we know: Grace cost Him everything; and us nothing but our pride and self-sufficiency.)

Whether you’re tending to little ones tonight, or talking with kings, the costly call of obedience is the same: Saying yes will always mean saying no to something else.

So, don’t look at what you’re missing in this present season; marvel at where you get to REFLECT THE LIGHT.

This post originally appeared on January, 23, 2018 on Instagram

Because of grace,

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