You may not know it, but your life is extraordinary.

You may not know it, but your life is extraordinary.

Your life is as extraordinary as the lens through which you view it. 

When others' lives appear in small snapshots of carefully crafted photographic compositions, it may appear that your life is missing the mark of extraordinary. It may be impossible to look beyond what beauty, excitement, opportunity, or happiness someone else experiences to see the same in your own. We might think that it's the messes in our home or the misbehaving children that block our view. We might even blame it on a spouse that works too much, a bank account that remains too low, or a stress level that stays too high.

But, none of these actually block our view like a shopping complex on beachfront property. What blocks our view is not something too big, but actually something way too small...

...our too small view of God...

...our too small sense of gratitude...

...our too small awareness of blessing...

...our too small need for grace...

...our too small longing for the Kingdom of God.

Friends, what we fail to see as extraordinary is often eclipsed by what we view as mundane, lowly, and not worth noting. Our too-small view of God's glory in these everyday things is what obstructs our ability to perceive the extravagant love of God in the ordinary. 

Despite what it may seem, God is not giving everyone else the extraordinary life, and handing you a forgettable one. No one lives an unimportant life.

Every person lives the extraordinary of being given breath, and in Christ: life abundant.

Let's stop filling our mind's eye with large views of the earthly kingdom, of the extraordinary that makes much of man...but may we have a grande view of God, his kingdom, and his holiness.

And may the wonder and beauty of HIM eclipse all else, so much so that there is nothing to see of our lives, but how extraordinary he is.

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”  -A.W. Tozer

We live extraordinary lives because we serve an extraordinary God.

I share these things because I love you...and I want this little corner of cyberspace to point us to the one who is worthy of our heart's greatest longings.

Have a wonderful Monday, friends.

Because of grace,

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