Working The Denim Vest Trend

Working The Denim Vest Trend

Vest from The Gap, mine were found on clearance, but similar one here. Gap twill mini, on clearance here. Old tank top from The Gap Sequin Toms, via Zulily, but similar glitter ones here Clearance Fossil handbag from Dillard's, out of stock

Not all fashion trends are worth the effort, especially if you're old enough for it to be your second time around (think neon colors, acid washed jeans, and pleated silky shorts.) But, the denim vest is an exception. It's such a versatile piece, I dare say anyone could make it work.

Here are some reasons I love the denim vest:

  • it's a perfect layering piece for transitioning into Fall
  • provides a great barrier for modesty when a tank top is a little too tight, or when you're in a season of breastfeeding (and possible leakage).
  • provides a structured look when wearing unstructured pieces/outfits
  • disguises and hides lumps and rolls in the mid-section
  • spiffs up a casual outfit
  • makes a fussier outfit laid back

Some things to keep in mind when wearing a denim vest:

  • shades of denim do not have to match, but make sure you wear shades that are different enough together to make it look intentional
  • a cropped denim vest looks more teen, while a longer cut vest feels more classy
  • cropped vests (hitting at the ribs, tend to make your torso look shorter
  • go for a longer cut vest if you have a larger chest; a cropped one draws too much attention to that area
  • if wearing a vest over a dress, keep in mind that you will lose the look of a waistline if your dress is empire waisted and your vest is longer. Here's a case where a cropped vest may look more appropriate
  • if you are slim-waisted, try wearing a belt over your unbuttoned vest
  • layer for texture; wear it with sweaters, chiffon, and linen (maybe not altogether!)
  • do not wear denim vests with cowboy boots unless you are going for a Western look
  • How To Wear A Denim Vest

    Vest from The Gap, mine were found on clearance, but similar one here. Breastfeeding tank from Motherhood here. Old Forever 21 stretch mini Thrifted scarf Kooba handbag from TJ Maxx

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    Vest from The Gap, mine were found on clearance, but similar one here. Cotton top from LOFT, last season Cropped jeans from Gap, last season Straw safari hat from Overland, here. Boat shoes by Tsubo, from TJ Maxx Lucky Brand jewelry, from TJ Maxx Kooba handbag from TJ Maxx

    Hope you give this old staple a try! I'm not much of a model, but I truly believe that we can make the most of what God's given us in body shape, resources and aesthetic appreciation at any age and in any season. When we look to showcase Christ from the inside out, fashion becomes an enjoyable get-to, and not an obligatory have-to.

    Blessings to you and hope you are having a great week!

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