Wisdom About Mothers from 1687

The Preacher loves books by "dead old guys."  He's been meditating on the wisdom found in this little jewel: The Education of A Child from The Wisdom of Fenelon 1687. I love it when that which was true in, say, the 17th century, still rings true in modernity. That which does not go out of style and does not lose it's truthfulness...is worth meditating on indeed:

"It is the home that lays the foundation of a child's future. And though the strength of the foundation is determined by the virtues of both parents, it is a woman who holds the key to her children's heart in the early years of childhood. She has the privilege of weaving God's eternal truth into the daily lives of her children while they are still young and tender. A woman who is a mother, is she not greater than he that ruleth a city? Are not her children the foundations of all human life? Is it not women who attend to and support the whole domestic economy of our houses, and who decide upon what most intimately concerns mankind? A judicious woman, who is diligent and virtuous, is the soul of her family."

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