Why Motherhood Is A Job Worth Styling Your Hair For

Why Motherhood Is A Job Worth Styling Your Hair For

The funny thing about postpartum is that you can simultaneously experience elation and exhaustion...invincibility and weakness...feeling glowingly beautiful while looking like a complete mess. 

You may remember my last post about baby-ready hairstyling and hiding my bangs while growing them out. Now that Number 6 is here and time for self-care and primping is nil, I'm hoping to keep my styling simple...and yet, not completely give in to sweats and ponytail...everyday. :) It's honestly not about looking put together, but about reflecting what I believe about my life's work and purpose through the way I present myself...even to my kids and my husband.

While I really do sport a ponytail most days, a french twist, a simple braid, or a loose and elegant bun like this one can be the difference between default and intention:


Here are some other favorite simple updos for warm summer evenings...


Source and tutorial here.

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via Pinterest.

What are your favorite updo styles?

And why concern myself with hairstyling when there are so many diapers to change and so little time? Perhaps, after 11 years of motherhood, I now know that a little effort to dress for my job, to care for myself, to express beauty within and without through color and design, all serve to remind me of what I know to be true of my daily work: That motherhood is an art. It is a valuable endeavor. It is transforming, both inside and out. It is worth waking up and presenting my best for.

Some days my best is yoga pants and a greasy ponytail. But, my desire is to show up to my day like I'm all here, like I'm grateful for my life, and like I have a Master to please.

Because I do.


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