While You Were Writing A Sermon

My dear friend from college and I started a new activity this last Saturday night.  Though "While You Were Writing A Sermon" is not as ambitious as TLC's "While You Were Out," the idea is the same: improve a space by totally making a mess--then, clean it up before your spouse finds out. Saturday night can be a lonely night for me, as Troy puts in time to write the final installment of his message for the following morning.  He holes himself up in the bedroom and meditates on his passage, while praying through all that he has studied during the week.  I hang out with the kids, and consequently, rarely entertain any social invitations. My girlfriend's a sport to keep me company on occasion...and to clean and organize on a Saturday night, no less.

The kitchen was our target.  I wish I had remembered to take "before" shots of my cupboards.  Let's just say the kitchen was needing some serious deep cleaning and re-organization.  It was survival mode, at best, prior to our little pastime.  And, yes, I'm shamed to say, there was caked-on grease atop the cupboards. I took everything off the top of the cupboards and do not plan on putting it all back.  (Any suggestions?) Almost all the contents of these cupboards were rearranged for maximum efficiency and space utility.  I don't own a china cabinet, so this exercise is of utmost importance!

The kitchen is the hub. It's where I spend 75% of my day. And...with the tea class I'm teaching this coming weekend, and all the cooking that'll be done for that event, this one was just what I needed.

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