When You Feel Overwhelmed

Before my kids were of school age, I didn't get what the fuss about summer break was all about. Nor back-to-school, and all the busyness and bustling about in the month of August. And, now...I understand.

As a mom of school-aged children, I have now developed expectations for the summer...for how I will revel in doing nothing, how I will get caught up and be rested, and how I will stop feeling so overwhelmed.

And while many of those goals were accomplished and true rest was found, life doesn't stop and feeling overwhelmed sometimes just doesn't go away.

And truth be known, back-to-school might be a harried time of year, but the pressures of life and the challenges of the day to day are not seasonal, but sometimes constant.


I'm over at The Better Mom today, sharing about how we can respond when we feeling overwhelmed doesn't go away. Join me there, as we consider how we can look to Psalm 90 for the way in which God provides for rest in the midst of our troubles. Blessings to you, friends.

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