When The Boys Clean Out The Car

We were long overdue. You know how it is--when toys, pencils, empty water bottles, and the like come tumbling out of your car when the kids open the door. Unfortunately, it had been that way for awhile, and I could stand it no longer. I called the boys to task, and gave them the job of cleaning out the SUV.

I had to assist them with a paradigm shift: believing this chore to be a game (preparation of a military aircraft!), and not a tedious chore they had to accomplish before riding bikes for the afternoon.

The boys bought into the paradigm shift, and cleaned out their "aircraft." They did a great job...though The Preacher and I had to come and clean up the "runway." :)

I'm thankful for my clean vehicle, and am glad to have given the boys an opportunity to help out...the way boys do.

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