When Sunday People Forget On Monday

When Sunday People Forget On Monday

It fades so quickly. Before the fragrant petals even wither on the Easter lilies in our homes...before we stop humming Matt Maher's Christ Is Risen over and over again...

...we find ourselves easily forgetting the exuberant hope and victory we felt and knew without doubt on Easter Sunday. 

We are amnesic Resurrection Sunday people. At least, I am. 

Come Monday morning...

...a busy schedule still requires revising, 

...hard decisions still need praying,

...children, laundry, bills, and dishes still cry for tending,

...wounded and broken hearts still ache for mending,

...unresolved issues are still waiting,

...a thirsty soul is still craving.

And, I'm reminded of how small and weak I truly am. How much I often get stuck on Friday-- the Friday that grew dark and hopeless...the Friday that seemed so without answers, so without reason, so painful. 

But from this vantage point...another ordinary Monday, another fallen-world day of suffering and pain...I'm seeing, anew, that it's not all that different from the days the disciples experienced just immediately following the resurrection. 

In Luke 24, we read about Jesus walking alongside two burdened and downcast disciples on the road to Emmaus, who knew about the empty tomb, but had yet to recognize their Savior walking right alongside them in their wandering. 

We....we, the Resurrection Sunday people, know how the story ends. We know the King came, and will come again. We know that He conquered sin and death, and gave us His Spirit where once was only self-reliance. And, we do not walk alone.

Let's not be forgetful, but cling to the Good News as the only thing worth shouting from the rooftops, worth suffering for, worth the ridicule, worth all the unknowns of tomorrow.

So, on this Monday morning, this is a call to rehearsing the truth of Resurrection Sunday. It is a gentle reminder to myself (and you, perhaps, dear reader) that the victory was not won for one day only, but for every day since. 

What will you rehearse today again and again, from the assurance you knew clearly on Sunday morning? 


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