When Motherhood Molds The Mama + Lisa Leonard Designs Review

Motherhood is the job that I never prepared for because I thought it would just come naturally. In some ways, it did. But in many and most ways, motherhood has been the vehicle of more humbling and sanctification than I ever could have foreseen. While I wish I had changed a few more diapers as a young woman, served more by watching other's children when single, or payed more attention to examples of godly parenting as a young married woman...I'm grateful for the utter sense of inadequacy for the job. 

Because you just can't buy that kind of brokenness and humility-training.

And, you also can't purchase that kind of wonder and gratitude...in God's goodness for allowing us to partake in such a miracle as raising up a child. 

It's beautiful in a worn-through, stretched-out kind of way. Motherhood is a leather jacket that fits and forms to you over time, and becomes molded to your person. 

And sometimes it's the person that gets molded to the high calling of motherhood.

Whether you've felt made for motherhood your entire life, or you're like me, and have been molded to fit such a calling....there is much to celebrate...

I've been thinking a lot about motherhood, as I've launched several new prints in the shoppe in honor of Mother's Day.

My friend, Lisa, of Lisa Leonard Designs is offering the most gorgeous line of hand-stamped jewelry for Mother's Day and every occasion for which something special and personal is desired. Lisa was so so sweet to send me two necklaces from her shop, a golden hearts necklace with all my boys' initials, and one that is literally...a banner of love. After 12 years of motherhood, this is my first piece of jewelry with all my children's initials. I couldn't be more grateful for this precious gift, and for the beautiful person behind this lovely shop. If you don't yet know Lisa, you simply must get to know her...she is a beautiful mother...and inspires women every day to embrace the beauty of motherhood as well. Take a look at some of the lovely pieces from her Mother's Day collection and her Monogram Collection:

Lisa is offering readers 20% off any purchase! Please use coupon code "sunshine."

Thank you, sweet readers, for all your support of shop owners like myself and Lisa. It is an honor to share life and personal craftsmanship with you...and to be included in your most special celebrations! xox

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