When Daddy's Away...

1. ...we buy squishy reptiles at Target,2. ...days seem to never end, 3. ...we stop at Sonic for artificially flavored drinks, 4. ...we eat cold breakfasts, 5. ...Mama sleeps like log (when she sleeps,) 6. ...we have relapses in potty training 7. ...the baby seems to be looking for something (or someone,) 8. ...Lucy mopes, 9. ...the house misses the reverb of Celtic and bluegrass tunes, and 10. ...Number 1 becomes the man of the house: "Mama, if the boys wake up tonight, come in and get me so I can help you."

Dear Baba, Your four little men and I are so ready for you to get back home. Can't wait until tomorrow!

Love, Mama

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