Whatever Season You're In

February 17, 2014

Whatever Season You're In

Our family headed to the river's edge on the unusually warm Sunday afternoon. It was eerily serene and quiet, except for the howling of two coyotes we met along the way. The boys stretched out, swung stick-swords, and climbed up massive cottonwoods. There's something comforting about trees that have been around longer than you have. 

These cottonwoods don't fret. They don't scramble to get it all done. They don't get cranky at which way the wind blows. They know there is a season for everything...

The river and woods don't balk at your coughing, don't mind your jumbled thoughts, don't care that your kids climb on everything, don't think twice about you quieting your heart and praying out loud. They just seem glad that you finally know what they know all the time: that everything whispers the Creator's name...and reminds us that all seasons are in his capable hands.

Friends, whatever season you're in, He promises to never leave you. He is intricately involved with the sapling, just as he is with every leaf that falls. Take heart, the Spring is coming...

Because of Grace,

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