What They Learn About Hospitality They Learn From Us

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have followed our journey through our not-yet-fully-told story of seven month of our house being on the market and our move. You may know that over Labor Day weekend, we pulled out all the stops, re-painted the upstairs, and had the entire second floor's carpeting redone. It was a monumental day, as we moved every piece of furniture, and hoped for a transformation that would get our house sold. It did.

But, the real blessing that day actually came in the form of a simple paper plate of lunch shared with the men who spent the day working in our home. I learned that what my boys think about hospitality is ultimately taken from what they see in me.

I'm over at The Better Mom today, sharing the story of carpet installation, spending the day with some guys we had very little in common with, and finding joy in sharing what we had by way of extending the love of Christ. I invite you to join me there to read the post...

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