WEAR: Quality Over Quanitity {FRAU Shoes Review and Giveaway}

There's been a bit of a revolution over the years in my attitude towards fashion. I'm sure much of it has come with age. 

Years ago, my philosophy for fashion used to be quantity over quality: Get ahold of as many trendy pieces as possible for the least amount of money. I wanted new and different, and got bored easily. 

But now, coming up on turning 40 this Fall, I'm much more interested in timeless quality pieces. Sure, I still like fashion trends and love mixing things up in my personal style, but now I know what quality looks and feels like, and am reticent to invest in pieces that won't last.

Because I'm always on the lookout for fashion-forward quality pieces at affordable prices, I was happy when FRAU Shoes USA (an Italian-made fine shoe and accessories company that makes fine Italian style and quality accessible by distributing directly to the consumer) wanted to team up.

I'm wearing their Beatrice all-leather pumps with a super comfy rubber sole, and their leather Rimini tote with contrasting interior and attached zipped pouch (lifesaver!). They're made in Verona, Italy, shipped directly to me!

I chose to go with the natural leather color in the shoe, knowing a nude pump would go with everything...classic, traditional styling made modern by the strong stacked heel and enclosed platform sole. And ladies, they are comfortable! And the tote? It's the most lovely mustard color with a turquoise suede lining.

The bag holds everything from my laptop to art supplies, but still looks stylish as a handbag to go out for dinner. I commend FRAU for making the Italian-made quality for shoes and bags accessible for both men and women through direct sales to the public...here's your chance, check them out

I've teamed up with FRAU Shoes USA to bring you a giveaway over on my Instagram page (have you joined me there, yet?)  

Use code GRACELACED and receive 10% off your purchase at www.fraushoes.com!

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