Virtue Thoughts and Hoop Art Tutorial

hoop art- virtus

It was a homeschool day. The question for Number One's history assignment was: "Write a summary describing why or why not General "Stonewall" Jackson was virtuous."

Lots of facts, a plethora of impressive achievements, scholastic prowess, success in war, a noteworthy resume...Number One's summary was coming along nicely, he thought. However, a conversation quickly ensued between he and I, upon revising and editing. He was less than pleased...and ready to be done with school.

I ask him, "Does excelling in school and success at career mean that one is virtuous? What defines a virtuous person?

"If he was an excellent student, what evident virtues in his life resulted in being a notable academe?"

"If he was a success in his career as a general, what virtues were present in his life that earned him the nickname, "Stonewall"? Was there evidence of virtue in his life that made him a noteworthy historical figure?"

Virtue is not the appearance of greatness or the acquiring of admiration. It is so much more. It is not doing the least amount to get by, but doing all that is required to be consistent with the truth. Virtue is based on truth unchangeable. Which, in turn, is the basis for virtuous, brave, admirable, and excellent actions. Virtue doesn't just hide out on the inside; it is an action.

...Like re-working and re-writing one's essay for the sake of true virtue, because you know it's the excellent thing (even when you don't feel like it.)


Simple Hoop Art {Virtus/Virtue}

Secure burlap in embroidery hoop.


Text written with a Sharpie.


Build flowers with felt and hot glue...


...and scrap lengths of muslin.


Sweet and simple.

Virtue burlap hoop art

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