Valentine's Day

8 AM--Received Valentines and gifts from The Boys. Lots of canoodling. Presented my Valentine with a mix of love songs made off iTunes, among which were Roberta Flack's version of "My Romance," Stevie Wonder's "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life," Joss Stone's remake of "L-O-V-E," and Vince Gill's "Whenever You Come Around," (which we lovingly changed the words to reflect our sentiments about Judah this week: "...I get weak in the knees, and I lose my breath, oh I try to speak, but the words don't come, I'm so scared to death...when you smile that smile, my world turns upside down--whenever you go unsupervised.") Okay, I do realize that is only funny if you know the song in your head. 9 AM--Family Devotions: Moses and the burning bush. School with kiddos. Kept markers away from Judah. Played LeapFrog dominoes with Liam while Judah tossed another set in the air repeatedly. Caleb and I managed to get through number bonds and spelling in spite of the chaos. Made trail mix for the kids to snack on. Everyone happy.

11 AM--Cleaned the upstairs. Liam "scrubbed" the school table, Caleb vacuumed (with our new canister vacuum from Christmas!), and Judah ate crumbs off and with a bit of the carpet. The boys' cleaning music of choice? Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro." Seriously.

12 PM--Met Troy for lunch at Costco. Amazing how hot dogs and pizza can even be a treat! More canoodling.

2 PM--Reading, more schooling, and naptime.

4 PM--Finished decorating Valentine's cookies for the neighbors; made some deliveries.

5 PM--Off to William Sonoma! Had a $50 gift card from Christmas--and spent it on a Le Creuset Dutch Oven on the clearance table! I paid only $50. I am in Barefoot Contessa heaven. I am a real gourmet now! Then found a pair of black wool slacks at Ann Taylor Loft for $20. (Have been eyeing them all season.) Troy read Dr. Seuss to the boys while I tried stuff on. What a great Valentine he is...canoodling again.

6 PM--Took the boys to dinner at Fuddrucker's. We can feed the whole family well for $15! Had a revelation over a burger and fries: While I sometimes think my life overwhelming and confining, judging from the glances of young couples seated around us, we have something many people desire and long for. Beautiful boys, laughing and talking, loving husband, happy family. After-dinner canoodling.

7 PM--Made a quick last stop at Dillard's to check 75% off sales racks for "preaching clothes." Didn't you know Calvin Klein makes a line especially for pastors? Troy's eagle-eyed bargain-finding wife procured several pieces at outrages prices. And I had snacks in the mama purse to pacify the beasts. Some I-have-a-hunky-husband-canoodling.

8 PM--Boys to bed, hugs and kisses, turning the house down...

9 PM--It's just me and my Valentine.

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