Using What You've Got--The Trusty Console

I've often said that my favorite way to redecorate is to shop in my own home. There's something super satisfying about using what you've got, and finding ways to recycle, repurpose, and reinvent...without spending money. You may remember that I made-over the family room before baby No. 4 arrived a little over a year ago. I love this room; it's where all six of us wrestle hang out. It's neutral palette just does my heart good when the noise and energy levels around here are so high. Nevertheless, as families grow and needs change, rooms get shuffled as well. My computer had been residing on the kitchen counter, but with all my Chinese culinary endeavors, ardent breadmaking, and dangerous mishaps, (not to mention my need for better working space)...I knew it needed a safer, more functional home. It seems that whenever we move things around in our house, our trusty console table is sure to make an appearance. We picked this versatile piece of furniture up years ago at a scratch n' dent sale for a yard sale price, and it's had a reoccuring role in our home ever since. Before I added the china cabinet to the dining room, this little table served as a buffet. After it got booted from the dining room, we fashioned it into a secretary in the front room next to the piano. In it's latest gig, the console is now playing the role of computer desk.

And, now they're all together...

Is it spring cleaning/organizing time in your home? Do you have a favorite repurposed piece of furniture? This Spring, have fun using what you've got.

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