Up In The High Country {Durango Trip 2013, Pt. 2}

Up In The High Country {Durango Trip 2013, Pt. 2}

We've just returned from our six days of being in the Durango area for our family vacation. I shared a little about our time in town at the beginning of the week, and look forward to posting the remainder of our trip today, and next week. After spending a few days shopping, eating out, playing in the river, and hanging out at the Durango Recreation Center, we made out way to Red Mountain Pass, between Silverton and Ouray, Colorado. We've long admired this gorgeous basin as we've driven along this pass, and this year, we decided to explore it.

Thanks to a four-wheel drive SUV that seats all 8 of us, we simply got off the main highway, and began following the jeep trail. Up In The High Country


Troy is most in his element in the mountains, whether four-wheeling or on foot. He's training our man cubs to be mountain goats as well.

Up In The High Country {Durango Trip 2013, Pt. 3}


Perhaps one of the best motivations to stay in shape and healthy is so that all your senses can access God's creation up close and personal. Some of the most amazing places are ones very few know about, and many may not attempt to discover. Up In The High Country

Here, no one asks for iPads, nobody answers emails, phone calls, or the tyranny of commercialism. God does such a glorious job magnifying himself. He lets you know that you really need no other...that Jesus is enough.

Up In The High Country

Here, even if you might find yourself struggling to breathe real air --not the thick atmosphere of comparison, success, pressure, and expectations-- you can't help but draw deeply, and discover a greater capacity to breathe than you might have thought possible.


Little ones marvel at God's craftsmanship, and moms and dads remember they are small in the breathtaking beauty of his handiwork.


It always takes me a little time before I warm up to the idea of taking the family off-road through unknown paths and bumpy roads. But this city girl has learned a few lessons through following her husband's love affair with roads less traveled...


The thing I've learned to love about jeeping is that you MUST SLOW DOWN...


...and that you can't hardly miss the forest for the trees because God seems to bellow through the whispering leaves... IMG_1855


...and, because no matter how narrow or how challenging the path you are on,


 ...you can always turn and look back to see where you've been and how far you've come.

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