Unity In Marriage

Troy and I went on a much needed date last night.

With six boys in the house, we rarely find ourselves in each other's company without someone interrupting, someone needing assistance, or someone listening in. And, sometimes, we just need to reconnect and find ourselves on the same page, once again. Unity in marriage doesn't just happen...nor is it a natural function of quantity time. We spend intentional time together because we've learned, in the last 15 years, that having one heartbeat and pursuing one goal, and loving one God together must be cultivated.

I'm over at For The Family today, sharing some simple ways (10 in fact!) to grow the unity within your marriage. Join me there!

After 6 kids, 15 years, and lots of growing up and pressing in...he's still my favorite person to eat with, laugh with, say nothing with...he's still my favorite date. #dateyourhusband#marriageissanctifying
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