Unexpected Houseguests, Unexpected Blessings

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it."Hebrews 13:2 (NASB)

Daily life has a way of feigning predictability, as we reply to it's boasting with self-reliance and -sufficiency. And so, though reluctant at times, I have a deep love for the way my Savior shakes things up, and pencils in little experiences unscheduled in my family's bursting Day Runner. This, for us, came in the form of unplanned house guests-strangers, really-who've stayed with us through the weekend, and into the first part of our week.  Our new friends moved here from several states away, for the start of a new career, as well as a position at our school.  Headmaster hubby was to help move them in on Saturday morning when their apartment fell through, leaving our guests at the beginning of their search all over again...with a loaded moving truck.  As it was the weekend, (and with no contacts, friends, or family here), our guests accepted our hospitality, and came to stay with us.

As they went out on Saturday afternoon in search of a new apartment, the family quickly got after cleaning and preparing for our guests.  Number 1 gave up his big-boy room, and proudly dusted the Legos on his shelf and changed his sheets while proclaiming, "I'm so happy that I can give up my room so they don't have to suffer." Though humorous in hyperbole, I was encouraged by the application of the Word, and the lessons learned through action our family was experiencing. We can tell our children (and we do) that comfort and ease is not the Kingdom of God, but nothing speaks louder than rearranging your plans and sacrificing convenience, that the Word may be lived out, and the Grace of God be poured out.

A special, and deep bond is already weaving as we've spent the last few days with our new friends. Our gracious God provides in so many ways...both for us, the oft times complacent disciple learning to walk the narrow road, and the sojourners-the would be angels-who might know deeper the goodness of God on a pillow to lay their heads.


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