Two Roads Diverged In A Wood

I've written this post a hundred times in my mind, as I waited and prayed for the Lord to give us direction. These thoughts are deeply personal, and are dear to my heart. Because you've cared enough to join me here, I share this forming of our family's bring Him glory.

dark skies

10 years ago we welcomed the first of our five children. 7 years ago we planted our beloved church. 4 years ago we started a school. And this year--this year, our family is about to undergo a major change. The Preacher has been the head of all three of these passionate pursuits--dad, pastor, headmaster--three of the most challenging pursuits we've ever known. Outside the home, these two ministries we love have been the most precious endeavors of our married life together. We have felt such a privilege to be a part of both, and yet; it has become clear that, after 4 years of trying to do both ministries, one must be released, and one must be pursued.

The Preacher shared two Sundays ago that he will be resigning as teaching pastor of our church, and will be going on full-time as headmaster of our school. It may sound like a mere career change to some; but for us, it has been a heart-wrenching decision.

Rio Grande

There's something about starting anything from scratch. It is not unlike bringing a child into the world or sowing seeds in a freshly-tilled is your baby. You are willing to sacrifice endless hours and energy to see it thrive. You think nothing of the heartaches and the challenges along the way because you believe in what you are doing. You long to see the fruit of your labor.

Our hearts have been knitted to the families for a very long time...that's the way church should be.

We have loved, lost, and labored with and for these...we would have it no other way.

The Word has been preached, lived out, poured out, and shared over endless meals and conversations on our couch...there is no greater joy than relationships.

My husband has been an amazing pastor to me...I will miss his preaching and exhortation dearly. 

Change does not mean the reversal of any of it...but it makes stepping forward that much harder.

Winter buds

Change is an ending, but also a beginning. Change is a release of one dream to grasp another. Change is becoming. Present progressive: progressing, but in transition.

Why is change so difficult, and why is it so hard to discern? I think the answer is simply this: we are creatures of comfort, of security, of expectations, and of control. We like change on our time, under our circumstances. But God, in his graciousness, rarely calls us to change in such a way. No, our loving Father beckons us to follow when we feel the most scared, think it most costly, reckon it most impossible. And if we trust him and follow in faith, he never ceases to amaze us with how marvelously he orchestrates all things, hold all things together, works all things for good, prepares all things for his glory. He is the Lord, after all.


Our family is in the present progressive right now. We are in the transition of closing one chapter and opening another. We covet your prayers as we move from one ministry to another.

It's the same calling -- of proclaiming the Word, of training hearts, of shepherding families, of teaching minds, of being the forerunner -- just a different garden to tend. So in case you are wondering, The Preacher will remain The Preacher. :)

Thank you for letting me share my heart and our story. It is a privilege to be here every day, forming words and thoughts from the shadow of the Cross.

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