Two Decades of God's Grace

August 03, 2018

Two Decades of God's Grace

Just a couple of weeks ago, Troy and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. As the blooms from this gorgeous bouquet wilt, I'm reminded of how Mary poured out the most expensive perfume onto Jesus’ feet in John 12—how it felt wasteful to onlookers but served such a meaningful purpose for her and to Jesus.

I’m not Jesus, and bouquets don’t cost a year’s wages...but I felt the worth and love poured out. We’ve come a long way, and sometimes it’s good to have a vivid reminder that our God isn't through with us yet!

As we reflected on all God has done in us through marriage, I listed 20 reasons why I thought we'd never make it to this point...and the one reason we did.

1. We don’t have the same taste in music, or in anything of stylistic preference.
2. I move quickly, he moves with caution.
3. I want to buy things, he wants to make things.
4. He is slow to speak, quick to listen; I’m the opposite.
5. We are both melancholy.
6. I’m goofy; he’s serious.
7. Everything that’s a mountain to me is a molehill to him.
8. I had baggage, he had dreams.
9. I’m hard to please, he’s hard to understand.
10. We feel differently about 2nd chances.
11. He thought he was good at marriage; I thought I was a failure. Neither of us was quite right.
12. Neither of us knew how to parent.
13. Both of us are at the core, selfish.
14. I worry, he plans.
15. He procrastinates, I charge ahead.
16. We are a collision of cultural differences.
17. He recites scripture, I’m naturally gifted at reciting a record of wrongs.
18. We have both deeply hurt each other.
19. We’ve worked together professionally almost throughout our marriage.
20. I like things my way, so does he

...and the one reason we did? GRACE.

The more you’re in awe of the grace of God through Christ, the less impressed you are at yourself, and the more you are grateful for your spouse. Against all odds, we were able to rejoice over 20 years because God has been faithful even when hard and hopeless could’ve had their way

In the end, I love Troy more than I thought I could, and he loves me more than I deserve.

We both win because Jesus had His way.


Because of grace,

Part of this post first appeared on Instagram on July 25 + 26, 2018.

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