Turning Back Time

This past weekend our three-generational family visited the Williamsburg of New Mexico, El Rancho de Las Golondrinas, a living history museum set in the 18th century. The children were inspired and didn't even realize they were getting an education in history. There was nothing easy about the 18th century. Throughout the rancho you find folks busy at work of every kind: farming, herding, scrubbing, milling, baking, dying, tanning, weaving, schooling. Hard work by today's standards. Yet, pausing next to a pond, over a cup of lemonade and a biscochito, my husband and I wondered if we wouldn't welcome this sort of work and this kind of pace. Not all forms of busyness are equal. I dare say those in the 18th century knew something of community, cooperation, simplicity, and contentment that we struggle to find through the thick fog of ease and speed. Here are some photos I snapped along the journey:


The kids befriending alpacas.


All the cousins loaded and ready to go.


Before there was electricity.


Pay attention, class!


Dancers in traditional dress.


I wanted to be her for a day.


I couldn't convince the kids to do laundry.


Grandpa and Liam taking in the view.


Our family.

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