Trendspotting: Apricot

Peach, coral, apricot, blush....You've seen it all over this Spring and Summer. Fashion is so circular. Don't you remember when peach was all the rage in the 80s? I remember having a peach Forenza t-shirt from The Limited as a middle-schooler. I thought myself a super-model when I wore that t-shirt. :)

I'm barely fitting into any of my pre-baby clothes. All of you mommies out there can sympathize, I'm sure. Spending money on clothes (that I will hopefully not fit into someday) is not tops on my priority list, but wearing sweats all the time is not an option either.  So...I am tickled pink, or should I say peach, when I find new clothes on super sale.

This is what I'm wearing today. It's from The Gap. It's apricot. It takes me back to the 80's, minus the super-model part. :) It cost me $15, total.

That's the way I do trends. My Pinterest board gives you a few more ideas:

Enjoy the peachiness for the rest of your summer....and (shhhh...) look for it on the clearance racks!

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