Treasuring Yesterday, Welcoming Tomorrow {4 Day Old Photo Shoot}

Treasuring Yesterday, Welcoming Tomorrow {4 Day Old Photo Shoot}

My sweet little Mancub #6 turned two months just a few days ago. It has been two months of short nights and long days. And yet, it has been two months of nuzzling noses and kissing cheeks...holding him close because babies don't keep.

God is so gracious; where I've lacked in sleep and energy, he's provided for in rest and renewal. Where there could be chaos and frustration with boys home for the summer all day every day...he's provided a newfound love affair with each of their quirks and in each of their little souls. The days pass too quickly, as seen visibly in the first few months of a newborn's life. But, sometimes it's easy to stop noticing once they are older, until you see snapshots from days passed by. I want to get better at seeing everyday with forward eyes...and not from the rear view mirror.

My dear friend Amy captured these photos of our family just four days after Haddon's arrival. We didn't coordinate clothing, prepare, pose, or use props. We just did our thing on a Saturday morning-- as a family. And she captured it, and caught moments with our littlest-- moments we will never have again. I'm so grateful for these reminders of the past, and see in each picture, the hope of what is to come. Life lived forward is life lived believing that God is forever transforming, forever growing, and forever making what was into what we cannot imagine will come. 




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Newborn Pics of Baby Boy 6 } DSC_0347edweb DSC_0311edweb

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Hug your kids today. Take some pics with them. And make today a day you treasure the moments you won't get back...and anticipate, with eyes wide open, the ones that are coming your way. Be blessed!


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