Toddler Tea Time

I remember reading about how author Sally Clarkson took time to have tea time with her children for the purpose of spending intentional discipleship time with each of them. As busy as life can be, there is something precious about tea time, about the conversations and time shared over simple but special treats. Though often seen as a girly event, I've enjoyed having afternoon tea with my boys for years. If you've been reading here for any length of time, you also know that I teach an art of tea class on occasion, and appreciate the subtleties of a perfect scone.

Some of this enthusiasm for tea has trickled down to Number 4, who recently requested (unceasingly) to have a tea party with his 3 yr. old pals. I admit I tried to appease him with a pretend party or a tea party just between no avail. Thus, an impromptu tea party was thrown together just in time for a few of his little peeps.

On the menu...

cranberry and almond chicken salad sandwiches ripe strawberries sliced colby and cheddar cheeses chai wedding cookies decaffeinated vanilla maple tea sugar cubes for the tea  for eating, of course! milk

 "As I placed the big (tea)pot back on the shelf, all those warm remembrances and many more warmed my heart--conversations shared, tears shed, books read, birthdays celebrated, Scripture discussed and friendships deepened. It might be an old, cracked teapot, but it held so many precious, irreplaceable memories. And through the years it had been an invaluable tool in our home for nurturing the intimate relationships that are the heart of our mission as a family."

(Sally Clarkson, Mission of Motherhood)

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