September 26, 2008

I love the smell of Fall morning air meandering throughout the house...and waking up to a clean kitchen.  I love that my sweet husband always has a hug for me first thing.  I love the sound of Caleb counting his beats while practicing piano...and that his brothers like to sit and listen to him play.  I love the sense of possibility for the day when beds are made.  I love that the boys ask to have family worship around the school table...and that Liam is starting to add and subtract...and that he celebrates his academic progress with whoops and hollers...that Judah likes to repeat phonograms though his vocabulary’s limited...that Caleb knows the difference between finishing and finishing with excellence.    I love that I’m becoming more patient.  I love fixing lunch for the kids because it always tastes soooo good to them.  I love that when the boys play, they always include the little one...and that he keeps up...and that it wears him out so much he asks to go “night night” at naptime.  I love that he loves “Night Night Moon”...and that Caleb loves to read it to him.  I love a quiet afternoon when everyone’s reading and napping...and the phone is off, and the house is still.  I really love to eat dinner as a family around the table, and to have friends around the table as well...and to marvel everyday at the dedication Judah has to food consumption.  I love that anything done as a family is an adventure for the kids...whether it involves going to Trader Joe’s for eggs or Home Depot for screws.  Though it is like a three-ring circus, I love getting the kids ready for bed...and seeing each of them in their footed jammies (how soon this will end!).  I love that my husband loves to read chapter books to the children before bed...and loves to read stories using a different funny accent each night.   I love that all the boys come down to say good night before bed...that the hugs are always the best after a full day.  And when all is quiet in the house, I love when it’s just me and Troy.  And when between the lines is splattered with disappointment, exhaustion, unknowns, disobedient children, and the burden of sin...I love remembering that His Grace is greater still, and that I am blessed and can surely love my life.


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