To See It Come Together...

August 07, 2008

Just came home from Orientation for Oak Grove Classical Academy. It made me so proud and excited to see the months and months of labor, sacrifice, prayer, diligence, and planning culminate on a day when all the families that will be Oak Grove came together to begin the school year. I was able to sit back as a parent today, and truly absorb the privilege that it is to have an option for academic and spiritual excellence, while remaining the primary educator and discipler of my children. Our official first day of school will be Tuesday, August 12, but today was every bit as joyous of an occasion for us Board families that have worked so hard to see it come to be. I'm not sure I have mentioned it here, but after much prayer and consideration, Troy has taken on the role of Headmaster for the school this year. As it is with his role as teaching pastor at our church, it is an incredible blessing to see one's husband flourish in his specific giftings and passions. I am prayerful, yet proud, of the way he's managed his responsibilities, ministries, time with people, and excellence in home and work. For those of you who have been faithful to pray for our school, church, or family--thank you--and please continue to pray that the Lord might be honored in each of these endeavors. I look forward to sharing the first day of school with you!


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