To Acquire An Appetite For Good

I'm hard-wired with an appetite for self-gratification and self-indulgence... and so are my kids. As a mom, I tend to want to break them of these vices and sinful tendencies by simply enforcing discipline and prescribing a healthy dose of self-control. I may employ the help of charts, rules, stickers, and sometimes my own bellowing voice, but the humbling truth is that doing the right thing isn't the same thing as having the right heart. 

Do you ever wonder what motivates someone to change, to make the right choice, and to do the hard thing? I want so much to inspire my kids towards godliness...and I want to set the example in my own life. I'm over at For The Family today, reminding us about the most effective motivator for good in our lives. I invite you to join me there!

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