Time Well Spent

Summertime. No homework, lots of sleeping in, movie marathons, afternoon naps, and the feeling of entitlement to do absolutely nothing. As a kid, this was my ideal summer holiday; and yet, at the conclusion of this indulgent itinerary, I would feel completely unsatisfied, indolent, and downright bored. All the time spent "relaxing" was ultimately squandered on less than memorable activities, with nothing to show for my three months of vacation from school. Taking time off is splendid. Taking time off and wasting it, is not.  So as to not pass down undisciplined frivolity to my boys, we discussed the value of setting goals for the summer break over teatime one afternoon last week. I thought it best to engage them in a mature exercise while sipping on grown-up tea, whilst practicing consequential decision-making: one lump or two; milk or no milk. Following a lively discussion on what exactly comprised a "goal," these were their individual lists.

Number One's Goals:

Number Two's Goals, dictated to Mama:

Number Three's Goals, as determined by Mama:

 Get out of diapers.


Number Four's Goals, as determined by Mama:

Cut some teeth.


Now, I need to go and make some plans for myself. Some of mine I will surely share with all of you...but, as with many hopes in self-reflection, most on my list will be for an audience of One.  

What are your goals and plans for the summer holiday?



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