The Truth About Summer {Learned in the first 2 weeks}

The Truth About Summer {Learned in the first 2 weeks}

I haven't intended to be a stranger here. It's just that I feel like I have nothing but mush in my brain. (You know the feeling, yes?)

Sure I think in small, but (hopefully) significant snippets everyday on Instagram, but writing more than 50 words...well, that requires some actual work, work that has apparently escaped my physical and mental capacity. 

Summer break for the boys began a week and a half ago, and I've consequently discovered I'm not as flexible as I think I am with a change in routine. I've been so looking forward to all of us being home altogether without schoolwork...but I may have formed a somewhat idyllic idea of what that would look like: 

Mama needs a break + Brothers living in harmony, making popsicles, long hours of arts and crafts, water gun fights, trips to the zoo, extended hours of reading and instrument practice, goals and projects completed, vacations well planned out...all while I blissfully spend quality time with my kids (who don't fight or get hurt all the time) and run GraceLaced Shoppe effectively...simultaneously.

You see? Idyllic and idealistic.

It's not unrealistic to expect and hope for all the best this summer. It's unrealistic to expect that it won't take work.

When the boys alternate between laughing and crying all day long? Remember: They are learning to be brothers and best is their first real context to learn how to love and forgive. Give thanks for opportunity even if you could do without the drama.

When I sigh at the sight of dishes and laundry piling up? RememberWe are doing life, together...these are signs of life. Get a routine going...

When I'm bugged that I can't get any work done? Remember: Maybe multitasking is not really a skill. Doing all things well all at the same time is just an illusion...

When summer reveals that our ideas of the happy family - spending happy days - doing happy things - during a happy vacation just doesn't resemble the mess that we find living within the walls of our own home...we remember:

My feelings of entitlement to comfort, carefree, simple, idyllic, and easy are, in a sense, a rejection of surrender, dependence, sanctification and suffering. 

I know this is just a post about summer, but please hear me out: All that stuff that drives us crazy day in and day out during summer break (or otherwise) with our kids, our homes, our spouses, our work, our relationships, our change in routine, our disappointing circumstances, our unknown future, is the stuff God uses to make us recognize His mercy and care for us in the midst of our striving to make life easier on ourselves. Would we remember our great need for our Savior otherwise? 

Perhaps this summer break will exceed your expectations because none of them will be met except those expectations only God can meet. Maybe our deepest form of rest this summer will come by unplanned provisions given in unexpected ways. 

We may be taking time off from academics, schedules, or even responsibilities, but the work of sanctification in and through these everyday challenges never takes a holiday. And aren't we grateful.

Because of grace,

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